We do Design & Development of Electronic Measurement Instrumentation for custom-tailored applications to make them work in most effective and efficient way. We may also include On-board Signal Processing, both at the level of front-end electronics as well as the digital processing units.

In spite of design of Electronic Custom Instruments we also offer complete Measurement Systems equipped with Dedicated Software Applications.

We mostly operate in Scientific and Medical fields and work with detectors for radiation measurements and low-light field detection, however Industrial applications are as well of our great concern.

INS Instruments company specializes in fast signal detection (ns and shorter range) their acquisition and real-time processing: hardware or/and software wise. We mainly work with detectors for Physics and Medical Instrumentation:

Scintillation detectors attached to Photomultiplier Tubes - PMT's

CVD Diamond detectors for ultra-fast spectroscopy and timing applications

Silicon position-sensitive sensors for particle and light detection

Silicon Photomultipliers SiPM and MPPC for low-light field, fast measurements

In design solutions and products offered we employ a dedicated, custom equipment designed by INS as well as instruments from the most reputed producers as National Instruments, Aeroflex, Lecroy, Agilent etc. with the PXI/PXIe, PCI/PCIe, Ethernet and USB standards, with tailored software applications by INS.

In terms of our electronic products we specialize in Low-Noise, Wide-Bandwith (>3GHz) and Precision Amplifiers with signal shaping if required by application. Our digital devices are mostly based on FPGA's of the main vendors as Xilinx, Lattice and Altera for Data Acquisition and Signal Generation with fast A/D and D/A converters.

Dedicated Software Applications are mostly engineered in Labview environment together with application-specific Digital Algorithms i.e. for timing, spectroscopy, medical imaging and other scientific and industrial applications.

Please do not hestitate to ask us any question you may have. We look forward to providing you with the best possible service. The INS Instruments team

The company fulfills the requirements of the Reliable Company programme.