The INS Instruments offers customers a range of products and services

Ultra Wideband Amplifiers and Low Noise Amplifiers for Diamond Detectors and Fast Scintillators

Our analog products offer consists of two families of amplifiers

  • Low-noise and wideband amplifiers (up to 500MHz) is a family of instrumentation amplifiers with variety of configurations in terms of gain, bandwidth and no. of channels. Developed units can be used with PMT's coupled to fast scintillators as LaBr3, NaI, LYSO for spectroscopy or timing measurements as well as with Silicon Photomultipliers by Hamamatsu or SensL for Physics or Medical Applications. Our amplifiers are being used in Scientific Laboratories in Italy, Spain and Poland.
  • CVD Diamond wideband amplifiers and ultra wideband amplifiers (2GHz) designed by INS offer ultra-low noise levels (2.5mV RMS noise @45dB, 1.5GHz of bandwidth) for the gain range of 15-50dB and are dedicated to radiation measurements. This includes radiation field profilometry, particle beam diagnostics, particle counting and identification, start signal generation, precise timing (~ ps precision), Time-Of-Flight (TOF) measurements and spectroscopy with low energy threshold. Please see our website for details. If you have particular needs for your application according to preamplifiers, we would be pleased to find a solution for you.
INS Instruments company specializes in fast signal detection (ns and shorter range) their acquisition and real-time processing: hardware or/and software wise. We mainly work with detectors for Physics and Medical Instrumentation:

Electronic Instruments: Analog | Digital | Mixed-signal

With an experience in the design of FPGA based digital systems we offer application-specific instrumentation for Signal Acquisition and Generation. Digital systems can be combined with fast and high-resolution A/D or D/A converters for analog signal capture and generation with on-board Digital Signal Processing.

Digital Signal Processing and Pulse Shape Analysis

Development of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms in frequency domain or DPP (Digital Pulse Processing) / PSA (Pulse Shape Analysis) in time domain is the important part of our R&D and scientific activities. Designed algorithms can be optimised for real-time hardware execution or provided as a software application and source code.

Bespoke Labview Software Applications

With 15 years of experience with Labview used for scientific applications and measurement systems we are pleased to offer our customers a development of Advanced Labview Software Applications. Developed aplications can be used with measurement / control hardware as Vitrual Instrumentation (VI) or as stand-alone programs. The Labview FPGA module allows to run the developed code also on FPGA's boards designed by National Instruments company. We also offer modifications or improvement of customers' Labview Code which was not optimally engineered by original developers.

Hardware Verification

We offer a design and build of platforms for independent Functional and Non-Functional Electronics Hardware Verification including Integrated Circuits. Verification Systems are mostly based on PXI/PXIe platforms with National Instruments, Aeroflex or Lecroy devices, eventually complemented by INS tailored electronics if required by application.

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The company fulfills the requirements of the Reliable Company programme.