Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art Measurement and Control Instrumentation technologies together with Digital Signal Processing tailored to customer applications.

Our professional background is related to fast (ns range) Signal Detection, Acquisition and Dedicated Electronic Processing: Digital and Analog (preamplifiers and shapers). We offer a Custom Electronics Instrumentation Design and Development together with most efficient Digital Data Processing Algorithms to be executed in real-time or off-line.

INS Instruments emphasizes collaborations with scientific environment to continuously improve knowledge and profit from more than twenty years of experience of our partners with high-technology developments for Particle Physics experiments, Medical applications and Automation Industry. As an industrial partner we are currently engaged in several scientific project concerning Physics - fixed targed experiments and Medical Applications - particle beam profilometry and dose delivery distribution.

Within our R&D activities we continously work on new ideas, expertises and applications with our research and industrial partners mostly from Italy, Spain, France and Poland.

We focus our effort on offering a comprehensive development of bespoke Hardware, Firmware and Software as Instrumentation and System Solutions for specific Measurement and Control Systems requirements of our customers. We also incorporate equipment form National Instruments, Lecroy, Aeroflex or other high-end vendors if suitable for particular application.

We also offer our customers a support from the early phase of their projects and our evaluation and analytical competences.

Qualifications of our scientific & engineering team are confirmed by PhD and MSc degrees in Electronic Engineering, Physics and Computer Science. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive support from the concept through evaluation and design & development phases to create the most optimal solutions. The Customer satisfaction is of our greatest concern.

The company fulfills the requirements of the Reliable Company programme.